Pad Printing in Holland, Allendale, Grand Rapids

When To Use A Pad Printer

When your project requires intricate detail, or has an uneven surface, pad printing could be an ideal option.

Pad printing is ideal for three dimensional surfaces and products of all shapes and sizes. Your pieces can be flat, curved, or have an uneven surface, and the pad printer will still produce a quality print.

Because the resolution is high, pad printing is a great solution when you require fine print.

Benefits of Pad Printing

Three Dimensional Surfaces

It doesn’t matter if your pieces are flat, curved or have an uneven surface, pad printing will still give you a quality print.

Fine Detail

Pad printing achieves incredible image clarity and resolution.

Highly Versatile

Pad printers have the ability to print on nearly any shape or surface — flat, textured, concave, convex, curved, and uneven. Additionally, the material you can print on is almost endless, including plastic, metal, glass, pharmaceuticals, and ceramics.
Pad printer in Grand Rapids

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