Custom Screen Printing Services

We welcome both small and large runs.

We offer screen printing on both flat and cylindrical products, made on a variety of materials. We’ll screen print on light, dark, and clear substrates; on plastic, glass, metal; as well as surfaces that are painted or powder coated.

Screen Printing Materials


Flat, round, or double sided plastic parts, bottles, or pieces


Flat glass pieces or round items like glasses or bottles, we can print single or multiple colors on each piece


We can screen print on stainless steel, bare metal, powder coated metal, or metal that has been painted


If you’ve got a wood part that needs to be printed, let’s talk

Screen Printing Surface Types

Curved or Flat

Sign panels and metal parts which are flat; pint glasses, jars, and small medical parts that are round

Smooth or Textured

We’ll evaluate the texture of your material and determine what printing method will be best

Parts with flanges or hardware obstructions

This is particularly helpful for manufacturing and medical customers

Recessed or raised surfaces

Regardless of what your project looks like, we can turn your vision into a reality

What Customers Say

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